Residential Program Family Visits

Family Visits

CHS recognizes the importance of our Residential Program students remaining in contact with family and friends and we work diligently to ensure contact, unless prohibited by court order or the student’s individual case plan. Contact may include letter writing, packages, telephone calls, on-grounds visits, day passes and home visits.

For the protection of our students all visitors to the campus must show a picture I.D., register in a Visitor’s Log, use the designated visiting areas, abide by all laws, abide by the rules of CHS, not pose a threat or disruption to the program and must not interfere with the rights and privacy of the other students and their families.

The policies regarding visitation and other forms of contact are provided in more detail upon admission to the program.

For further information you may contact the Residential Director at 209-466-0853, Monday – Friday, 8am–5pm.