Educational Services - Non-Public School Program (NPS)

Contact: To make a referral to the program, contact the Principal or Vice Principal at (209) 466-0853.

Many students placed in Children’s Home of Stockton’s Residential Treatment programs will receive special educational services through the CHS Non-Public School (NPS) program. The NPS also provides special education services for a “Day Student” population referred from various local School Districts, who are in need of specialized educational services not readily available within their home school districts.

In addition, CHS offers an on-campus one.Vision alternative education program operated through the San Joaquin County Office of Education.

While academic growth and social skills development comprise the main focus of the NPS program, our ultimate goal is to assist all of our students in developing the strengths and skills in all areas necessary for their successful transition to a less restrictive educational environment.

The NPS operates on a 180 day school year calendar, and may offer Extended Year programs for qualifying students, based on assessed need. School days are in excess of 360 minutes for middle school and high school students, and in excess of 300 for students in elementary grades. A free breakfast and lunch program is provided for all students.


The Non-Public School program provides a full-range of special education services for qualifying students, including;

  • Formal academic assessments
  • Small class size and low student/teacher ratio
  • Individualized educational planning
  • Behavior management level system
  • Social Skills development
  • Behavior Intervention Case Management (BICM) services
  • Safe, highly structured campus environment
  • Core academic coursework aligned with both CDE standards and local School District curriculum
  • Independent Study supervision
  • Transportation services
  • Vision and hearing screenings (through Stockton USD)
  • Transition services
  • Vocational awareness and training
  • Physical Education courses
  • Functional skills curriculum for cognitively impaired students
  • Music education and Band program
  • Tutoring
  • Speech and Language Services
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Arts & craft, poetry, and creative writing
  • Vocational/College Scholarships

Students may also qualify for Designated Instructional Services (DIS) services through certificated or credentialed staff from referring school districts, who visit campus to provide specialized services such as Speech and Language, Visual and Auditory Impairment, Adaptive PE and other services on-site.


A comprehensive file review is conducted for prospective students referred by local school districts, and district personnel (typically Program Specialists) are consulted concerning their specific academic and socio-emotional needs. Students initially seen as appropriate for NPS placement are then scheduled for an on-campus visit, at which time they and their caretakers are given a tour of the facility, given an opportunity to ask any questions, and participate in a brief interview with the Director of Educational Services. Based on the NPS program structure, students with severe mental health issues that present an immediate and significant risk to the health and safety of themselves or others, or those with chronic and severe physical disabilities requiring skilled health-care services, may not be appropriate for placement in the NPS setting.

Caretakers of students who are accepted for enrollment in the NPS program must complete an Intake Package (PPM Section III-10) that provides the NPS with parent/guardian emergency information, immunization records and relevant health information, a brief school history, as well as numerous informational and/or state and district-mandated documents that require their review and signature. Transportation needs are determined and arranged at this time, and requests for school transcripts and file materials are issued to the student’s prior schools of record.

Progress Assessment and Mainstreaming

Academic and behavioral needs are evaluated utilizing a variety of assessment tools during the first 30 days of enrollment, at which time an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting is conducted and goals established. Multiple criteria are set for the students successful graduation from the NPS program; typically, students are mainstreamed back into a less restrictive educational environment as they meet the goals and objectives established by the IEP team.

Court and Community School Program

Residential students who qualify for Alternative Education services may have the opportunity to attend an “on-grounds” Court and Community School classroom, staffed and administered by the San Joaquin County Office of Education, in cooperation with the NPS program.